Method: the 5 steps

Every step has specific rules to follow and fast solutions for common issues.
A 5SRW Certified Instructor will be able to take you through this method in depth.
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The steps must be completed in the following sequence:



This phase is mainly focused on the creation of the frame. The main purpose is to produce a harmonic and dynamic photographic composition . The elements to be exploited are not only those that we frame, but also the choice of the focal length and the depth of field to create distinct areas of interest.


Light Balance

Light balance is the most important phase in producing a tridimensional image. Lights are set one at a time for maximum awareness of what is happening. To get a preview we can use V-Ray RT or settings that relate primarily to the draft GI: Irradiance map (low), Light cache (500), Adaptive Subdivision as antialiasing.


Simulation of materials

In most cases this phase takes time but is very straightforward. Once the right balance is done, the most important thing in this step is to match the colours correctly. In the case of special materials it is recommended to have the photographic references in order to know what to simulate.


Final Render

The main purpose of this step is primarily to produce a clean image, removing blemishes and graininess. In most cases Irradiance map / high and light cache/1500 works well to produce a "clean" global illumination. For clarity we will use Adaptive DMC (1/40) as anti-aliasing and to reduce overall graininess it will be enough to change the value of Noise Threshold from 0,01 to 0,005.


Post production

We complete the picture with the perfect balance of white, working in numeric mode with Photoshop. Finally, we improve the sharpness of the image - or parts of it - with the use of unsharp mask at 1px. Numerous other techniques may be taught in this phase.




About us

CG WORLD is a company based in the USA, which has been working years to perfect an accessible rendering production process. This process aims to produce photorealistic renderings of high impact for architecture, design and advertising. CG WORLD is a network of experts from various parts of the world, sharing their experiences to synthesize a simple, logical and sequential process.


The 5-Step Render Workflow (5SRW) method has its strength in the structure of the process used for the production of a render. Each step is simple and easy to resolve by mastering basic photographic theory and the tools needed to implement it. Below the 5 steps are summarized .



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